Post traumatic Stress Explained Finally.

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Post traumatic Stress Explained Finally.

Postby Tantrika01 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:38 pm


I know what post traumatic stress is and how to cure it. I am a therapist, and I have worked in the field for a long time. I am not a normal kind of therapist, I did not borrow knowledge from books, or from education, which is mostly worthless. I learned it from experience. I would advise not to trust psychiatrists, psychologists, or medical personnel with your head they are book dumb.

Here it goes.

What is post traumatic stress....

Imagine yourself in the ocean swimming, minding your own business. When your are attacked by a shark, who bites off your leg..

Some how you make it to shore, and stop the bleeding. But oddly you feel nothing during the attack. Later on after you are released from the hospital. You begin to feel pain, anger sadness, shock tears..

What has happened?

If you feel your traumatic feelings during your attack you would not be able to survive. You would not be able to get away. Your body absorbs the feelings storing them in your mind, and physicality, so that later on when your safe on shore, you can feel them.

That's what your symptoms are all about your body is attempting to re experience what happened only this time with feeling, its the feelings that need to come out of our body, that are making you sick, and constantly trying to get out by forcing their way into consciousness.

The same thing happens in combat, if you feel about what is happening to you in battle, you will have a much more difficult time surviving.

Licking your wounds in battle, is bad for survival in war. But later on when you back in this country those feelings that you should have felt then, the fear, the anger the pain, will come up again. Its time to feel them. Just as you would have felt them in battle but couldn't or you would be a liability to yourself and everyone else.

Your job now is to let them out. Establish a group of friends, in a safe place and feel. Let them out, the anger the sadness, the grief all of it.

If you try to suppress them with drugs or cognitive therapy, you will push them back, and they will gather more force trying to get out of you. All feelings seek some form of expression, let them come out express them. If you are anger get angry, if your sad, be sad. In a safe place, surrounded by others going through what your are going through so you can learn from each other.

This process works, but you won't find it taught anywhere or anyone that understands it who is trained by psychiatry. Psychiatrists, don't understand they are lost in their head, and don't know how to feel themselves.

There are thousands of people who do this, Some day you may find them. Good luck.

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