West LA VA ‘master plan’ covers up its chemical and nuclear dump

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West LA VA ‘master plan’ covers up its chemical and nuclear dump

Postby EnviroReporter » Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:52 pm

Veterans who are interested and vested in the West Los Angeles VA's "master plan" to be viable should read our latest exposé at http://www.enviroreporter.com/2015/12/w ... lear-dump/

West LA VA ‘master plan’ covers up its chemical and nuclear dump

VA hides own 2007 and 2010 reports confirming large biomedical waste site with high groundwater radiation, chloroform gas under Brentwood School athletic field

The proposed master plan for the West LA Department of Veterans Affairs fails to include 2007 and 2010 VA studies confirming high radiation and chemicals in its biomedical nuclear dump partially under a dog park. The VA had ordered and paid for the studies. Left out of the VA master plan, which closed public comment December 7 and will be finalized in early 2016, was the VA’s findings of high Radium-226, Radium-228, Uranium-238, Bismuth-214 and other radionuclides in the dump’s groundwater, which has flowed offsite at levels requiring notification of water authorities. The master plan envisions a future neighborhood at the current location of the now fenced off dump, yet the 889-page document did not include information about the chemicals the VA found at the large site such as carbon disulfide, 2-butanone, acetone and toluene. There is no mention in the master plan of whether Brentwood School was informed that its southernmost athletic field was found to have extremely high levels of chloroform and benzene in gas rising up from the dirt that kids have been sliding in for years.

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