Petachlophenal and agent orange

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Petachlophenal and agent orange

Postby osaggee » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:31 am

I read that this site was looking for information on agent orange. I can start with that agent orange is pentachlophenal and penta which is what the government calls it when it is referred to in the work place or its application, Penta contains (Hexachlodibenzoparadixon) HxCDD the most deadly form of Dixon made by man. Agent orange can be applied as a oil chemical for spraying or as a dry salt to be applied by hand.

Everyone thinks AO was gotten by spray contamination, but it was also applied to all ammo crates, food crates, pallets and some uniforms, it was still being applied to the wooden ammo wire crates as late as 1989. So the gulf war had AO in it and when it is heated its toxicity increases greatly. Some can recall the jungle packs for ammo dropped in the wars. I intend to write more detailed as time is allowed to me. Former AF 291.

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