Tapering off my pain meds. Works for me.

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Tapering off my pain meds. Works for me.

Postby papabear » Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:36 pm

:D I am not advertising for any of the company's that sell CBD oli, CBD oil is made from a lot of different company's I wont mention, but I have been tapering off my pain meds and was told this would help from another who is tapering off the oxy. I asked the pain assessment Dr. at my V.A. clinic and he said CBD OIL was safe from any test at the V.A. he said it's composition, is not drug related, And could never show up on a screen test. CBD OIL can be bought at any Wallymart or Health food store, on the shelf. around $25.00. So I started taking it in between pain meds, and it really does work. takes the edge off of tapering off pain meds. I dont know how, but I've tapered almost 1/2 in 3 weeks and it helps ease that sick feeling. I dont work for any of the company's that sell cbd oil, I am just letting other pain sufferers know how it works for me. I have been a Vet for over 40 years and been on pain meds for the last 6. This was much better then cold turkey. It worked so well, I'm letting others know. They are tapering it to be much lower dosages because of the newer laws. I was surprised at how well it worked. Of course, you should ask your doctor first. This oil is a health food supplement sold in just about any store. papa

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