Using Veterans Benefits Manual on CD by R. Abrams

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Using Veterans Benefits Manual on CD by R. Abrams

Postby silverfox_41 » Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:37 pm

I am a Vietnam Veteran with Parkinson's Disease in the midst of
preparing a claim for the VA. I have purchased Robert Abrams' CD "Veterans
Benefit Manual and Related Laws and Regulations" produced by Lexis Nexis. The Lexis Nexis People are very helpful in the Lexis Nexis "How to" but not content wise maneuvering through a specific subject CD per se. I am
trying to find a site/blog/person that would know how to take a disability (e.g. Hearing Loss) and show me how to move through this particular disk in order to "cover the waterfront" when gathering
resources using Abram's disk.I am not looking for each particular disability. I am trying to find a "trot"/example so I don't
have spend a lot of time plowing through the Lexis Nexis Users Manual/Tutorial. There has to be someone/website that has had the same request
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you for your time.

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