Veteran told to suck on agent orange

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Veteran told to suck on agent orange

Postby usmc60 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:00 pm

I would first like to say happy holidays to everyone.I am known as USMC 60 on a few coin forums.
I was formally a member of coin talk I will let you read the post of Christopher Lee Campbell of Boca Raton Florida.
Cannot Re-Member
352sdeer said: ↑Please take note at the last closing statement

Ordinarily, I wouldn't respond to the OP's BS threads, but I feel I should caution you. Wait until there comes a time when you disagree with one of his outlandish theories. You can post all of the proof you want and all the OP will do is come up with some demeaning rhetoric about you, and instead of giving you a logical answer, he will simply change the subject.

I quit answering his direct challenges toward me because of all of his BS. Believe it or not, if you go back and reread one of his earliest threads, you will actually find that I defended him, but as soon as I disagreed with him on an issue, he attacked me in the same fashion that he has used against everyone else who has challenged his useless theories.

I won't bother responding to his ridiculous comments which I expect to be forthcoming. It may take him some time for him to come up with, what he imagines to be, a good response. As far as I'm concerned, he can go suck Agent Orange!

I personally as a veteran was totally disgusted and outraged by this statement.
Moderators stepped in and told us to knock it off. I immediately told the moderator that this members statement was totally unappropriate and unacceptable.
The moderator told me the member had the right to say what he wanted to say.
I was told basically to suck it up.This incident occurred about the middle of the week. This statement remain the same up until Saturday of this week.
When the son of another veteran Marine who is no longer with us, logged in and's expressed his total discuss for the statement.
Let me just say coin talk way of dealing with this was the band the son of a former Marine for expressing his opinions of that members remarks.
And since I was outspoken about this statement.
I was also ban from coin talk for a made up charge of threatening members.
At no time did I ever threaten any member of coin talk and I challenge coin talk to provide the proof of such a statement. I'm sure there's going to be further discussion on this matter so I will leave this new post until further comments are made. USMC60

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Re: Veteran told to suck on agent orange

Postby usmc60 » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:31 am

Day before Christmas, and Campbell Senior of Boca Raton is still posting on coin talk as if nothing has happened.
I am a vet who suffered from a stroke in 2008. So needless to say I am on a fixed Social Security income, and have no additional funds to retain my property from coin talk.
So if anyone can legally assist me, all I want is my property from coin talk.
You can plainly see by Campbell Senior statement. Coin talk failed to follow their own terms to use agreement. And they also failed to enforce their own rules of posting. Campbell Senior statement says it all.
And by coin talk's actions by solving their problems by getting rid of a veteran whose took offense at what Campbell Senior posted. And the son of another veteran, their solution was to ban the problems and let this member Campbell Senior remain.

It is plain to see that the moderator showed biased and prejudicial actions towards the vet's
As a Marine who served his country proudly, all I want is a little justice in my property back. USMC60

Coin Talk - Error
You have been banned for the following reason: threatening members.
This is a reason coin talk gave for banning me.
Now as anyone can plainly see if you go on coin talk and read any of my posts.
You will not find anywhere I had threatened any one.

So it seems coin talk has to fabricate a lie to justify their reasoning for banning me.And stealing my personal property For their personal gains.
Please I need some legal assistance in this matter to recover my property.

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