Hispanic-Americans Are A Target — Identity Theft

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Hispanic-Americans Are A Target — Identity Theft

Postby gmg » Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:09 am

I heard on Armed Forces Radio tonight a spot about the incident outlined in the article to which that link below takes you, but then I also heard that there seems to be a recent increase in identity theft targeted specifically at Hispanic-Americans because of their names.

That's not in the article and my favorite consultants Google&Google couldn't seem to locate anything specific to the uptick in identity theft related to Hispanic-American names, but I definitely heard it on AFRTS.

Maybe another member here will have better luck at getting the Google team to cough up a reference, but I'm still going to post what I heard and provide the link below.


Of course, everyone needs to be careful.

Actually, it might be a good idea add to this. Might somebody be able to find a list of things one can do to protect themselves from identity theft? What to look out for, etc.

It's especially hard, though, for some folks in the field for any length of time. Or on remote assignment. DoD should have some guidelines, right?

I should check my feeds from them fellas in Washington. Or probably Alexandria, right?

Problem is I get 20 to 30 mailings, or more, from the DoD folks every single day.

I'll see what I've got.

Y'all take care, hear!

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