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Postby Frank Dux » Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:10 pm

Some of you may know me as Frank Dux from Bloodsport. What you may not know is I am an advocate for Veteran's benefits. What I was surprised by was being told my political enemies got together with my ex-wife and business competitors and paid off a Los Angeles Times reporter to do a hatchet job on me to end my advocacy. And there seems to be some truth behind the allegation, considering the reporter was exposed attributing to me infalmatory false claims I didn't make regarding my military service. Whose bias and lack of objectivity is visible and whose alleged evidence is exposed fraudulent in proceedings of libel and slander Frank Dux v Soldier of Fortune magazine, Alexander McColl, Robert Brown and swiftboater/pownetwork associate Larry Bailey.

It is public knowledge there exist several extremist right wing political aparatus's that are so right they are leftist, that if allowed would eliminate VA. News organizations have exposed them as having funded off the books unethical individuals to promote their hidden agenda. I believe one of their satellite operations is called: operated by Chuck and Mary Schantag as well as known unthethical correspondents like Chuck Hardin who was banned over his fruadulent representations on website called bullshido (see:

I know this by observng how these people Chuck and Mary Schantag went from exposing guys showing up at VFW meetings to trivializing PTSD, Agent Orange, etc. They apparently invent false allegations to profit themselves by having aligned with a martial art cyber bully/google adsense site bullshido.

see: ... me/1200441 apparently steal the valor of us military veterans, then approach the veteran (or their grieving family at funerals) and they "ASK" for a donation to remove the false information that they themselves posted about said veteran. They did this to me. They repeat the libel and slander of me and refer others to sources exposed in court of law as fraudulent. Falsehoods that appear on bullshido along with their own mischaracterization and false allegations which they attempted to use to compel me against my will to pay them in the form of a donation and my altering eyewitness testimony. According to consumer complaint the link below establishes Chuck and Mary Schantag of were both arrested for possession and distribution of Crystal methamphetamine: see;

Any ideas on how to hold these alleged drug dealing extortiionist perps accountable?

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