A tribute to a Vietnam Vet. Post your's here!

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A tribute to a Vietnam Vet. Post your's here!

Postby VTeditor » Mon Feb 07, 2005 9:38 pm

A very good friend of mine who was a Vietnam vet died a couple of weeks ago. He was only 53. I post this as a tribute to Jon E. Whitecloud. :cry:

Thanks Jon E., for the memories and happy times. We're still singing your songs!


Anyone else want to add to this thread by honoring a vet? Stand up and be counted!

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Vietnam Veteran Tribute Poem by Louis J. Farragher

Postby JohnAllen » Fri Nov 03, 2006 4:25 pm

I just received this poem

VietNam Veteran Tribute Poem
I went to Washington D.C. to honor my buddys
Three were cast in bronze
They looked tired battle weary
Their weapons hung heavy in their arms
I looked in their eyes a profound distant stare searching and wondering if their names were there
Over Fifty Eight-Thousand plus men and women
Engraved on the face of a black granite wall they told us we were fighting for freedom for the oppressed Vietnamese people
I reached to touch my buddys name when a lady asked were you with my son in Vietnam?
Teary eyed yes i replyed and i loved him like a brother
She reached to embrace me with tears in her eyes and held me close as we both cried

Now this memorial tribute will always remind us of all the brave soldiers who fought in viet nam those who made this monumental sacrifice and to those of us veterans of foreign wars let us be their living reminder that these brave men and women who died in viet nam met death with honor and as long as we live america will never forget the VIETNAM VETERAN

Louis J. Farragher 1964-1966

I had written this poem back in 1984 and placed it on a parchment print. I have given away thousands of copies to brothers, sisters and family members who lost loved ones. Thank to VETERANS TODAY, I could send it out to all! WELCOME HOME BROTHERS AND SISTERS
John P. Allen

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The Battles of Dak To

Postby Rocky » Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:35 pm

I realize that I am a month early as the Anniversary that I will speak of here is not until Nov. but, as it is on my mind, as it always is, I post it now.

In Nov. 1967 I was in the 173rd Airborne Brigade as a 19 year old boy from Tennessee who had volunteered for the Army, the Paratroopers and Vietnam. I had been in country since June of '67 and had seen some action but nothing prepared me for the Battles of Dak To, located in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, a major hot-spot for NVA activity coming across the borders of Laos and Cambodia. As a build up had begun, in preparation for the TET Offensive, which we didn't know about at the time, Gen. Westmoreland sent the 173rd Airborne into the mountains of Dak To.

Our first major battle Hill 830 was costly as was or 2nd one on Hill 823 but nothing compared to our next battle, the Battle for Hill 875. Involved in that battle was the 2nd and 4th Battalions of the Herd, as the 173rd Airborne was called and over 2000 dug-in and heavily armed NVA.

I will not bore you with all the battle descriptions, but if you ever get the opportunity to watch on either the History or Learning Channels, "A Soldiers Story, The Invisible Enemy", produced by ABC you can see for yourself as that documentary contains actual combat footage of the Battle for Hill 875. Suffice it to say that there were not many of us left from that battle and most of us were wounded at least once, most more than once. out of my platoon of 36 there was 6 of us left standing on the Hill on Nov. 23rd, Thanksgiving Day of 1967 after the 5 day battle.

It is in memory of those who fought in the Battles of Dak To that I make this post. We lost 158 KIA, 352 WIA and 10 MIA during those 5 days and we started out with less than 600 men initially, having suffered loses on the other Hills I spoke of at the beginning of this post.

I lost many brothers during this time but the few of us that remain are still close and see each other when we can. We survived but the memories survived with us, to bad, but, yes, good memories as well. To the men who served in the 173rd I salute you, to those who serve in the 173rd today I salute you and thank you for your service and for carrying on the proud heritage of the Herd in Iran and Afghanistan. To all those who did not make it home, know that we honor you and remember you each day, and especially on Thanksgiving Day when with you with us in spirit we took that Hill.


Rocky on top of Hill 875 Thanksgiving Day 1967

Dedicated to my Herd brother James Worrell KIA 21 Nov. 1967 and all those who, living and dead were a part of this battle.
Rocky, State Commander, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assn. MI Member: Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assn. U.S. Paratrooper Motorcycle Assn 173rd Airborne Brigade Society, Chapter XVII VA Rep. E/20 LRP-Charlie Rangers Assn., VA Rep. 75th Ranger Regim

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